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Race Results 2014


HH Club Trail Race - 04/01/14  
1st Male - Alan Muir  
2nd Male - David Hay  
3rd Male - Ross Bickerstaff  
1st Female - Helen Whyte  
EKAC Open Cross Country - 19/01/14  
Andy McLinden 36 mins 56 secs
Neil Robbins 37 mins 18 secs
Jim Breen 39 mins 18 secs
Buchlyvie 10k - 25/01/14  
Ross Bickerstaff 43 mins 38 secs
Kenny Pringle 45 mins 36 secs
Andrew Bickerstaff 45 mins 44 secs 
Davy Kelly 48 mins 50 secs 
SVHC Road Relay Strathclyde Park - 26/01/14  
Stevie Duffy (leg 1) 22 mins 24 secs
Jim Breen (leg 2) 22 mins 25 secs
Neil Robbins (leg 3) 21 mins 55 secs
Andy McLinden (leg 4) 22 mins 18 secs
Claire McArthur 23 mins 24 secs
Scottish National Masters CC Champs - 01/02/14  
Neil Robbins 35 mins 17 secs
Andy McLinden 35 mins 43 secs
Jim Breen 38 mins 27 secs
Tiso Carnethy 5 Hills - 15/02/14  
Mark Wheeler 1hr 19mins 25secs 
Kirkintilloch 12.5k - 16/02/14  
Jim Breen 50mins 19secs
Ross Bickerstaff 54mins 26secs 
Alan Muir 57mins 7secs 
Andrew Bickerstaff 59mins 13secs 
David Hay 60mins 39secs 
Kenny Pringle 60mins 49secs 
Steven Donnelly 61mins 39secs 
David kelly 64mins 26secs 
Lesley Harvey 67mins 36secs 
Scottish National XC Championships - 22/02  
Claire McArthur 34mins 19secs
Lesley Harvey 43mins 53secs
Lyndsay Moffat 52mins 12secs
Andrew Bickerstaff 38mins 54secs
Tom Watterson 47mins  22secs
Neil Robbins 49mins 10secs 
Stephen Duffy 50mins 21secs 
Jim Breen 51mins 35secs
Ross Bickerstaff 55mins 1secs
Richard Murciano 55mins 33secs
David Dawson 57mins 41secs
David Kelly 1hr 8mins 4secs
Down by the River 10k - 02/03  
Claire McArthur - 1st female 38mins 52secs
Richard Murciano 40mins 51secs
Lasswade 10 mile Road Race - 02/03  
Neil Robbins - 1st male +50 63mins
Jack Crawford 10k - 08/03   
Lyndsay Moffat 61mins 25secs 
Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon - 09/03  
Claire McArthur 1hr 29mins 21secs
David Hay 1hr 44mins 9secs
BMAF XC Champs - 15/03  
W6K - Claire McArthur 24mins 38secs 
M8K - Neil Robbins 29mins 56secs 
          Jim Breen 31mins 48secs
Alloa Half Marathon - 16/03  
Stephen Duffy 1hr 25mins 13secs
Richard Murciano 1hr 29mins 38secs
Ross Bickerstaff 1hr 34mins 59secs
Alan Muir 1hr 36mins 46secs
Andrew Bickerstaff 1hr 41mins
David Kelly 1hr 53mins 31secs
Lesley Harvey 1hr 54mins 35secs
Criffel Hill Race - 16/03  
Mark Wheeler 1hr 15mins 11secs 
Round the Houses, Grangemouth 10k - 06/04  
Andy Mclinden 37mins 44secs
Tom Watterson 38mins 15secs
Ross Bickerstaff 42mins 13secs
Davy Dawson 42mins 55secs
Craig Morris 44mins 17secs
Steven Donnelly 44mins 47secs
Andrew Bickerstaff 45mins 23secs
Roy Foot 48mins 40secs
Davy kelly 49mins
Lesley Harvey 50mins 32secs
Lyndsay Moffat 60mins 44secs
St Andrews Half Marathon - 13/04  
Neil Robbins 1hr 29mins
Kenny Pringle 1hr 52mins 44secs
Angus Half Marathon - 20/04  
Ross Bickerstaff 1hr 33mins 35secs 
Beinn Dubh Hill race - 23/04  
Mark Wheeler 50mins 20secs
Balfron 10k - 27/04  
Thomas Watterson 37mins 16secs
Stephen Duffy 37mins 51secs
Andy Mclinden 38mins 8secs 
Ross Bickerstaff 42mins 48secs 
David Dawson 45mins 13secs 
Lesley Harvey 52mins 2secs 
David Kelly 52mins 2secs 
Lyndsay Moffat 56mins 36secs 
Andrew Bickerstaff 56mins 46secs 
Kaim Hill Race - 30/04  
Mark Wheeler 39mins 57secs 
Stuc a' Chroin Hill Race - 03/05  
Mark Wheeler 3hrs 42min 41secs
Troon 10k - 07/05  
Ross Bickerstaff 42mins 40secs 
Lesley Harvey 49mins 16secs
Peter Middleton 51mins
Lyndsay Moffat 55mins 2secs
Andrew Bickerstaff 55mins 2secs
Scottish 5K Road Race Championsh​ips - 07/05  
Jim Breen 18mins 38secs
Ben Lomond Hill Race - 10/05  
Mark Wheeler 1hr 40min 28sec
Bupa Great Women's 10k Glasgow 2014 - 11/05  
Frances Clarke 1hr 7mins 16secs
Veronica O'Neill 1hr 7mins 31secs
Helensburgh 10k - 15/05  
Michael Millsopp 40mins 9secs
Richard Murciano 40mins 33secs
Lesley Harvey 50mins 5secs
Clydebank 10k - 22/05  
Michael Millsopp  39mins 40secs
David Hay 46mins 41secs
Lesley Harvey 48mins 20secs
Kirkcudbright Half Marathon - 24/05  
Lyndsay Moffat 2hr 22mins 10secs 
Ross Bickerstaff 2hr 22mins 10secs
Kirkcudbright 11k - 24/05  
David Kelly 54mins 26secs 
Edinburgh Marathon - 25/05  
Stephen Duffy 2hr 59mins 48secs
Relay Team Entry:   
Tom Watterson 3rd Place Team 
Liverpool Marathon - 25/05  
Jim Breen 3hr 28mins 36secs
Kilpatricks Hill Race - 28/05  
Mark Wheeler 57min 55secs 
Dumbarton 10k - 29/05  
Michael Millsop 39mins 52secs
Richard Murciano 40mins 31secs
Ross Bickerstaff 41mins 41secs
Lesley Harvey 48mins 45secs
Cort-ma Law Hill Race  
Mark Wheeler 1hr 4min 23 secs
Vale of Leven 10k - 08/06  
Richard Murciano 40mins 54secs
Michael millsop 42mins 06secs
Lesley Harvey 50mins 06secs
Kirkintilloch 10k - 19/06  
Stephen Duffy 38mins 30secs
Richard Murciano 42mins 09secs
Davy Dawson 42mins 28secs
Mark Wheeler 42mins 28secs
Ross Bickerstaff 42mins 42secs
Alan Muir 44mins 13secs
Michael Maxton 45mins 30secs
Andrew Bickerstaff 48mins
Lesley Harvey 50mins 46secs
Lyndsay Moffat 59mins 44secs
Calderglen Harriers 10k Trail - 27/06  
Andy McLinden 42mins 6secs
Mark Wheeler 43mins 26secs
Tom Steel 47mins 3secs
5k Trail   
Ross Bickerstaff 21mins 29secs
Steven Donnelly 21mins 47secs
Andrew Bickerstaff 22mins 31secs
Lesley Harvey 24mins 52secs
Lyndsay Moffat 29mins 7secs
Veronica O'Neill 32mins 4secs
Crieff 10k - 13/07  
Ross Bickerstaff 48mins 25secs
Davie Kelly 55mins 6secs
Bella Belter - 15/08  
Jim Breen 37mins 47secs
Irvine RC Marymass 10k - 20/08  
Claire McArthur 39mins 48secs
Ross Bickerstaff 43mins 23secs
Drew Inglis 44mins 10secs
Steven Donnelly 44mins 47secs
Andrew Bickerstaff 45mins 51secs
Cheryl McNulty 48mins 10secs
Janette Clarkson 52mins 35secs
Laura Farquharson 52mins 35secs
Lyndsay Findlay 55mins 47secs


Stirling 10k - 14/09  
Jim Breen 39mins 34secs
Davie Dawson 42mins 2 secs
Ross Bickerstaff 43mins 59secs
Andrew Bickerstaff 44mins 10secs
Cheryl McNulty 45mins 28secs
Davie Kelly 47mins 37secs
Cumbernauld 10k - 21/09  
Jim Breen 37mins 45secs
Cheryl McNulty 45mins 22secs
Great Scottish Run  
Cheryl McNulty 45mins 49secs
Peter Middleton 54mins 19secs
Davy Kelly 62mins 2secs
Half Marathon  
Andy McLinden 1hr 19mins 55secs
Alan Muir 1hr 37mins 42secs
Ross Bickerstaff 1hr 37mins 57secs
Davy Dawson 1hr 38mins 17secs
Ian Burch 1hr 39mins 6secs
Andrew Bickerstaff 1hr 43mins 57secs
Janette Clarkson 1hr 47mins 39secs
Lesley Harvey 1hr 50mins 38secs
Alison McLaren 1hr 54mins 18secs
Niall McLaren 1hr 54mins 17secs
Domenico Caira 1hr 57mins 5secs

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